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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Apple to intro dual-core PowerMacs, new G4 Powerbooks and a G5 Mac mini?

Mac mini

A G5 Mac mini would sure make a mighty mini, and that’s what the word on the street predicts, along with the advent of dual-core G5 PowerMacs and a G4 Powerbook bump to be unveiled at the September 20 Apple Expo 2005 in Paris. Analyst Mark Stahlman of Caris & Co. reports they believe the new Powerbook line will see 2GHz speeds and may add high-definition screens (it is the Year of HD, after all). The dual-core PowerMacs are expected to use IBM’s 970 PPC processor and likely come in dual-processor configurations, making 4x CPU Macs or “dual dual” machines. If all this comes to pass, at least Apple will be ringing out its partnership with IBM in style.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

OSX On Intel... It's Real

OSX On Intel... It's Real
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MacBeliever writes "Inevitably, Mac OS X for x86 has been hacked to run on a non-Apple PC. Is this the beginning of the fulfillment of the Dvorak prophecy?" RetrogradeMotion also writes "The OSx86 Project has posted a how-to guide telling how to run OS X on any Windows or Linux-based PC using VMWare." Not 100% corroborated, so ingest with salt.


Friday, August 12, 2005

The Cellphone of My Dreams

The W800i is the ultimate cell phone. It has bluetooth, dedicated Mp3 player, a 2 mega pixel camera, what is there not to like ? The only downside is that the phone is still not available stateside which really toots my horn. If anyone wants to help me afford this phone, then please by all means click on the Google Adsense links.

If you know your phones you already know that the W800i is essentially an orange and white version of Sony Ericsson’s two megapixel K750 cameraphone that comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack, but MobileBurn says that this phone has “the best music app” MobileBurn they’ve ever seen in a cellphone (not that the bar was all that high to begin with, but still) and even better battery life than the K750.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Can Apple Really Make The Switch ?

Macintosh fans have a well-deserved reputation for insane loyalty. But it's expensive to upgrade, especially if your new computer can't run your current stash of software. That's where Rosetta comes in. The emulation module - which uses binary translation technology from Transitive of Los Gatos, California - will enable Macs built with chips from Intel (Apple's new supplier) to run software made for IBM PowerPC chips in older systems. Sounds simple, but no one's ever been able to cross platforms without crippling performance. Such inter-operability would be a big deal if it worked; tech makers profit from locking customers into one system. We asked Transitive's CEO Bob Wiederhold why he thinks Rosetta is different.

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Finally a real browser for Cell Phones

Opera, the third biggest player in the web browsing market has recently come up with a great new web browser for cell phones. Their technology takes web sites, and shrinks them down to display on your 2 or 3 inch screen. The results are absolutely amazing. It makes me want to dump my old Nokia and upgrade to the sleek sexy Sony Ericson K750i... which can be hacked into the W800.

Opera Mini™ is a fast and easy alternative to Opera's mobile browser, allowing users to access the Web on mobile phones that would normally be incapable of running a Web browser. This includes the vast majority of today's WAP-enabled phones.

Instead of requiring the phone to process Web pages, it uses a remote server to pre-process the page before sending it to the phone. This makes Opera Mini™ perfect for phones with very low resources, or low bandwidth connections.


Is the iPod in trouble ?

According to AppleInsider, a patent filed in 2002 by a Microsoft researcher has prompted the US Patent and Trademark Office to reject an Apple application to patent its iPod user interface.

But leave the black helicopters grounded for a moment: the conspiracy theories may not be flightworthy.

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DIY Cell Phone Antenna

I know that everyone has been waiting for this for a very long time. Well now your time has come. Robert Watkins had a problem. He lives on Oklahoma. His other problem is that his cell phone signal just wasn't cutting it. Should he keep the land line or the cell phone ? He chose the cell phone. This is the result of his difficult choice.